Dancehall has negative effects on Jamaican youths.

No sah! Big and serious, the Dancehall culture really does have negative effects on the Jamaican youths! You agree with me? Listen to a piece of this song by Vybz Kartel featuring Spice, two popular Dancehall artistes (Rampin Shop). You heard it? Its degrading isn’t it? Just by listening to the lyrics of the music one has to come to the conclusion that this type of filth will undoubtedly have some form of negative effect on the youths who drown their minds deep within.   According to psychopathologist Camille Lemonious, cited by Hussey-White (2009) “lewd, sexually explicit music and early exposure to pornography can have a lasting negative impact on the children and in addition whatever we hear that is what we become.”

Based on a study conducted by Marcia Forbes (2009) the violent and sexually explicit music has forced some teenagers to evaluate themselves so as to meet a particular standard. Forbes gave an astonishing example of a girl who was “delighted to meet Kartel’s standard by having a tight ‘pum pum’ and one not ‘placka placka’ like mud,” Forbes (2009).  You see it though? Can you believe it?  The girl has shifted her mind and was magnificently pleased to meet the degrading and awful standard of Kartel’s. What a thing, eeh? Things really gone bad!

Dancehall is the 21st century form of Reggae; however it is more versatile and raucous with a hard-core sound. According to the research by Crawford (2010), it reveals that adolescences are influenced by the music to perform certain behavior. For example, the research pointed out that there has been an “overture of sexual and violence activities in the dancehall” which has influenced some adolosences to get involve in early sexual activites, thus being vulnerable to AIDS and HIV among other contagious diseases. The Dancehall industry has truly impacted on the mind and behaviour of most Jamaican youths.


Crawford, A. ( 2010, March). The effects of dancehall genre on adolescent sexual and violent behavior in Jamaica: A public health concern. North American Journal of Medical Sciences. Volume 2. No. 3

Forbes, M. (2009, November 9). Art versus Life: The Gully-Gaza Feud. The Jamaica Observer, p. 7

Hussey-White, D. (2009, November 6). Schools say lewd, sexually explicit music distracting students. The Jamaica Observer, p. 4


6 thoughts on “Dancehall has negative effects on Jamaican youths.

  1. You strike a valid point, that song seems to influence negative behaviour. And youths indeed sink into this music and as such i will indeed garner some behaviour.

    • Thanks for that Denecia. Honestly though, the music is an influential weapon which can either create positive attitudes or damage the minds of its audience. Pray you will garner the positive behaviour from Dancehall.

  2. Wow Danielle i really enjoy reading your blogs you always have some strong points. That song “Ramping Shop’ is one out of the many other songs that i believe should be banned from airplay. Those songs are way too explicit and contains too much sexual lyrics that affects our youths minds. The music industry should start producing more ‘clean’ songs that will influence our youths to do good in school and abstain from sex.

    • Thanks Niska! Can I tell you, I don’t know what people find entertaining in those type of music. Don’t they get the feeling that it only corrupts their minds and attitudes and does nothing good for them? It’s a shame! Lord help us!

  3. Great blog! However, I don’t agree with your stance as dancehall is not all negative, what about songs that preaches love for mama? What about song that encourages youths to turn away from violence? What about songs that encourages youths to make something of their life? That said, there is no denying that some dancehall songs contains explicit lyrics about sex and violence that the populace enjoys, therefore these ideas would have to be present in the wider society and dancehall music would not have created or cause negative effects on youths.

    • Thank you! Yea I know quite well that there is the positive arm to Dancehall, however the negative aspect of it is most pronounced. Why is it that the youths gravitate more to the slackness that Dancehall endorse? I believe that we already know of the violence and the sexually activities that takes place around us, but don’t highlight these messages as if its ok to be involved in such activities and that’s what some Dancehall artistes do.

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